About Us
The Jaspa group is a diversified global company. We offer a wide range of products and services that span multiple market sectors. We serve the commercial, municipal, industrial and residential markets using our innovative solutions and efficient operational skills of strong brand names. We strive to maximize the potential of each our companies and brands under our leadership.

We are only satisfied when we have truly redefined each of our diversified companies. We make this dream a reality by leveraging our knowledge and years of expertise and a passion for innovation. Of course we are only as good as the team we employ globally and only in recent years employing a well balanced and determined team has the Jaspa Group leapfrogged to a global level.

Despite all our success, we haven't compromised on our key core values that made us into who we are today;

Driven by strong, powerful brands and services together with a determined group of individuals who think outside the box are we who we are today.
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