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Founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy, illycaffè produces and sells a unique single blend of premium coffee globally. The instantly recognizable taste found in every cup comes from a blend of 100% Arabica coffee from the nine different regions of, South America, Central America, India and Africa. Available in more than 140 countries in all five continents, illy is served in over 50,000 public restaurants and establishments.

Illy's enthusiasm and passion for coffee is why it sets a world benchmark for excellence and culture in the coffee business. The values are expressed in two cornerstones which are; passion for excellence and ethics. Coffee is an art, coffee drinking and preparation is similar to that of wine. Coffee has taste, aroma, touch, sight and even sound. You can even 'age' coffee like a fine wine and with age it will evolve. However, coffee is more than just an art, it is a science. Ever since illycaffè was founded, it has also been a research laboratory, were technological solutions for producing the best espresso have been designed, constructed and patented. Such innovations that have revolutionized the world of coffee are; coffee pressurization in cans allowing coffee to be shipped to the far ends of the globe and the second innovation being the illetta, the first coffee machine with automatic water dosing and a jet of compressed air - predecessor of all espresso machines. Illy are today still continuing on with their never-ending quest for perfection by designing new and innovative products and ideas.

With the arrival of Ernesto Illy, a chemistry graduate, in the 50's, the family passion for science and technology became strategy and method, with the birth of the internal research laboratory and collaborations with scientific centre's and the Università del Caffè.

It is this combination of art and science that sets illycaffè in a league of its own.

The Jaspa Group is a developer and operator of the Illy Brand in Greece and works closely with Illy and Kafea S.A. to make sure that the brand remains at the top and cutting edge.

Illy coffee in Greece is the market leader with over 45% of the market share in coffee sales. Coffee in Greece is a way of life and people appreciate good coffee and a high level of standard. This requires that the Jaspa Group develops and operates and maintains a high level of standard and service which our clienteles require and demand. Only when unsurpassed quality is combined with the mastery of technique, hospitality and a passion for authentic espresso preparation and presentation can we take on the title of 'artisti del gusto' (artists of taste). Displaying the name 'artisti del gusto assures our customers of high level of quality and a multi-sensory experience.
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